Thursday, October 05, 2006

AE2-B Writing Class
Shota Watanabe


A lot of fathers want to make playing catch a son in Japan. As for the father, if the son exceeds 20 years old, to drink liquor together is a dream. A lot of parents want a son has ambitious. In Japan, parents usually hope fortheir children the following three things, playing catch, drinking liquor, getting happiness.A lot of fathers want to make playing catch a son in Japan. First, the baseball is sports which are popular in Japan. Specifically, it was very popular with the generation from 40 years old to 50 years old. Because it is, as for most of the men with the generation which is called a father now, it likes baseball plainly. Second, the parents feel happy to the parents like playing their favorite sport with son. The parents like the fact to make something a son. For example, it is music, sports, art, etc. Specifically, sports become the good refreshment and family service in the holiday and so on.Finally, the healthy body is composed of sports. The parents want the thing that the son is healthy. The playing catch of the parent and child is doing the help which makes the health of the family. In conclusion, In Japan, as for the playing catch, it takes the tether and the health of the parent and child.As for the father, if the son exceeds 20 years old, to drink liquor together is a dream.
First, 20 years of age or younger can not drink liquor. This is specified by the law. If the father is the person who drinks liquor, he wants a son grows up, because, the father is because it wants to drink liquor with the son. Second, at the time, the liquor can point at the person honestly. The parents have the time not to understand the feelings of the son. Therefore, the parents and the son have that the Miss. Finally, it thinks that the parents want to tell the experience and my past with the son. The parents think it is because it thinks that it becomes big fortune for the son. However, the Japanese usually tell it and can not do it, because, it is becauseit is ashamed, because it is, the parents use the power of the liquor. In conclusion, a lot of parents want to drink liquor with son's growing up.

A lot of parents want a son has ambitious. First, there is an effect to clear a purpose in the ambition. The purpose can draw out its power as that it is clear. The parents want for the son to fully exhibit his power. Second, the ambition becomes the motive power to head for something. For example, it thinks that I want to become a musician. However, if there is not an ambition, the power is very weak. The power becomes very strong if there is an ambition oppositely. Finally, person has pleasure only for the ambition when he can have become available. The ambition resembles a purpose closely. When the person obtains something, not being in the meaning, too, it is very trivial. When having a purpose oppositely and obtaining it, it is very wonderful. In conclusion, the parents want to ride over the steep road, too, by having an ambition to the son.

The son makes playing catch parents and drinks liquor and should have an ambition. I have never become parents. All things above mentioned are the imagining of me.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Weblog Assignment #5

Shota Watanabe

I read here.
It is "Gender Wage Gap By Selected Occupations, 2000".
If you see this website, you can know about women's percent and earnings ratio.
This website has a graph. If you want more knowing, you can see anothers site so put on the link.

my opinion

It is very interesting. Because, this result is relationship with me.
may be, I will take job. I want it for future reference.
This result is surprised for me, because I didn't think this result.
I thought more close, But result is not same for my expectation.
I think I need more thinking about it.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Weblog Assignment #4

Shota Watanabe

I read leave it to beaver. This website tells about a movie of Leave It To Beaver. If you can see this website, you can know about this movie’s outline. This website has a lot of photograph. If you didn’t see this movie, you intend to have looked and can enjoy it. You can know many actors in this movie. This actors name have link. If you put on the link, you can know this actors history. You can buy DVD.

My opinion…

This website is very kind, because it is very easy to look. I never know this movie, but I want see it. I think many children should see it, because if children see it, they can know CBS and ABC situation comedy – 234 filmed episodes.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Weblog Assignment #3

I read "Rethinking Schools Online".The site has widely treated even the solution from the problem. Moreover, the background of the problem is put in detail. We can study by reading this site of a lot of matters.

my opinion

This site is wide and very difficult. It was felt that it was difficult and to summarize it. It seems that this site can obtain quite a lot of knowledge by often reading. Especially, I think that using it when the problem etc. that cannot be felt familiar though it happens by an actual reality are learnt is significant. Because it talks about the matter very plainly, and directly.


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Weblog Assignment #2

Shota Watanabe

I write it about Gender and School Violence. This site talks about six matters.

It is Crime victimization, Threats and bullying, Physical fights, Hate words, Theft and

property damage, Weapon possession, and victimization of teachers. The students of a

schoolanswered a questionnaire and a result is written as statistics of the

questionnaire. For example, what kind of problem happens at school and is the problem

different for man and woman?

My opinion

I read this site and felt that crime was very near. I thought that I must not forget about

crime. If I could remake this site, I would use a graph. Besides, a lot of things

expressing thedifference between man and woman are written in this site. Therefore I

will use a circle graph. I think we have to consider how to avoid crime.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

peach boy [Momotaro]

A long time ago, a grandfather and grandmother lived. So that Grandfather cuts turf to a mountain and Grandmother went to washing to a river. Then peaches flowed from the river. Grandmother returned with the biggest peach. They would cut a peach with two people after Grandfather returned. Then a child came out of the inside. They named him Momotaro . He was brought up carefully. When Momotaro, who had became big took a nap,Ogres came to the village. The ogres took food from the village. Momotaro felt anger for the first time then, and Momotaro decided to go to the ogres' island to exterminate the ogres. Grandmother made dumplings for Momotaro. When Momotaro walked, He came across a dog and a monkey and a pheasant. Instead of getting dumplings from Momotaro, decide to follow him to the ogres' island. Momotaro went over to the ogres' island by a small boat. They fought against the ogres and they won. The ogres changed the heart. Momotaro regained the food of a village and returned to the village. A happy ending.


Tuesday, August 29, 2006