Thursday, September 14, 2006

Weblog Assignment #3

I read "Rethinking Schools Online".The site has widely treated even the solution from the problem. Moreover, the background of the problem is put in detail. We can study by reading this site of a lot of matters.

my opinion

This site is wide and very difficult. It was felt that it was difficult and to summarize it. It seems that this site can obtain quite a lot of knowledge by often reading. Especially, I think that using it when the problem etc. that cannot be felt familiar though it happens by an actual reality are learnt is significant. Because it talks about the matter very plainly, and directly.



Blogger tom said...


This website's main idea is that there is a lot about our schools that we need to think carefully about and change. You may not know so much about US schools....but what do you think should be changed about schools in general? Are you happy about education in general?

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